Wrenching Weekend Motorcycle Maintenance

from Austin Motorcycle School


A weekend of wrenching for vintage, European & air-cooled motorcycles!

This class will include hands on, demonstration and instruction in the areas of motorcycle maintenance with an emphasis on vintage, European and air-cooled bikes. We will spend the greater part of the next two days deep in wrenching, demos, and great conversation about the nuances of maintaining a vintage motorcycle. You will come away from this weekend of wrenching with the information you need to get started maintaining your own motorcycle, plenty of helpful resources, and with a sense of community in your maintenance endeavors.


If you own, have owned, or are planning to buy a vintage or European motorcycle, and are interested in learning the basics of maintaining a beautiful machine or would like to improve your wrenching skills this class is for you!

If this class sounds like too much information check out our 1/2 day Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance for the New and Curious, happening the same morning!


• If you have a bike, bring it! If you don't, don't worry there will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty!
• Your own oils and fluids
• A pen & notepad
• Water
• Clothes that can get dirty
• Beer to share with the group


• Guided instruction, hands-on wrenching, tips and tools, best practices
• Handy handouts, materials lists and recommended reading lists
• Your very own copy of the Lightweight Touring Book
• Lunch on Saturday
• Afternoon BBQ on Sunday with Beer


• Day 1: Intro to basic maintenance concepts, what you can do yourself, planning & resources, and overview of useful knowledge, Q&A
• Day 1 Lunch: Sandwiches and salads will be provided.
• Day 1 Afternoon: Hands on instruction and demos: Checking and clean carbs, adjusting valves, checking sparkplugs, Q&A

• Day 2: Overview of motorcycle systems, Tools and materials walkthrough, Q&A. Bring your own lunch!
• Day 2 Afternoon: Hands-on wrenching, instruction and demos, one-on-one help & problem solving, Q&A
• Day 2 Late Afternoon: Fire up the grill, let's eat, drink and share stories!


I've ridden and maintained my vintage BMW motorcycles for over 20 years and I love sharing my passion for airheads with friends, family and at wrenching days with my local Airheads Club.


I'm an adventurer and explorer, a climber, a lover of food and cooking for friends, a vegetable gardener and an interaction designer at frog!


making is breaking. knowing is doing. you'll never learn if you don't try.


Learning is my hobby.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


Learning is to life as water is to a tree? Hour School class on profoundness please.


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