Usability Party

One of the limits of selling online is the lack of verbal feedback.
Typically “usability testing” refers to evaluating a product by testing it on its users.
I would love to hear your thoughts on products I’m currently selling to help me continue to make more educated purchases for Purse & Clutch in the future.

What it is:
I’ll supply with you with prompts (& wine) and ask your thoughts such as:
“What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see this item?”
“Would you buy this item if it weren’t fair trade?”
Thoughts will be recorded anonymously

What it isn't:
This is not a Pampered Chef-ish evening.
Nothing will be available for purchase. Even if you beg. Nothing.


Beyond my dream of running a successful business, the more handbags (and now earrings!) I sell the more jobs I can help create for artisans in developing countries such as India, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. Instead of attempting creativity in a silo, I'm reaching out to you to learn a broader perspective that can help me more effectively order inventory and market my products.


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