The Rap For Food Writing Workshop

from A2Reskilling


This session is about helping individuals express themselves through Hip-hop music. We will go through a series of exercises that provide an understanding of the length of a typical rap verse, the rhythm of hip-hop, and the tips and tricks of writing rhyme. Then we will go through a writing exercise with help from facilitators and share our creations to the tune of a hip-hop instrumental.

Participants can write about anything they like-- but we will encourage participants to write about their experiences AT the ReSkilling festival-- and then maybe we can crowd-source a new song about ReSkilling to be used to promote the movement towards a more resilient and localized community. If we can come up with enough material our resident rapper Homegrown will perform the song at his next show! Participants will walk away with an idea of how long four bars (or measures) are, a sense of the rhythm in hip-hop, and the understanding that anybody can rap!

Rap For Food's mission is to support localization, sustainable food systems, and youth gardening through the arts. If you would like to learn more please visit


Lucas DiGia aka Homegrown is a local hip-hop spoken word artist inspired by his work with Project Grow Community Gardens to write and perform music that supports the local food movement. He has been performing at festivals, concerts, conferences, and even in school gardens! He started Rap For Food to help make this connection between food and music for others. He hopes to contribute and spread awareness of the importance of localization through music, and encourage other artists to do the same! Visit to learn more. Feel free to contact RF2 at or 734.369.8695.




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