The Art of Bio-Char

Join us for a modern twist on the ancient technique of improving soil with charred wood, or Bio-Char. Learn the “new” technique Organic gardeners and Permaculturists the world over are finally catching on to. We will review the history, science, and modern methodology. Each participant will receive a course guide with an overview of the presentation and detailed explanations on how to build their own device. By the end of this workshop you will understand how Bio-Char is made and how it can improve the health of your soil for decades to come.

Read this article from Mother Earth News for a detailed explanation Bio-Char

Participants will gain a historical and scientific understanding of what Biochar is, how it is made sustainably, and how it can be used to improve soil ecology. There will also be a course guide that comes with schematics as well as resources for obtaining the materials necessary to build such a device.

More about the teacher:

Lucas DiGia - Project Grow Gardens

Lucas DiGia is a young local food’s activist that sees community gardening as a gateway to the larger principles of Permaculture, land stewardship, and healthy living. As vice president of the board of Project Grow Gardens, he works hard to promote sustainable gardening practices in our community and create partnerships with other organizations that support the mission of Project Grow: To provide the space, education, and inspiration to make organic gardening accessible to all.


Lucas DiGia - Project Grow Gardens


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