Tarte Tatin and more!

from French in Ann Arbor


The theme: Apples!

We will learn how to prepare apples as appetizers (with goat cheese and leeks), side dishes (spiced apples) or salads, warm or cold and we will conclude with the famous and delicious Tarte Tatin (caramelized apple upside down open tart, to be precised!)


Brigitte Romero, owner of France Cuisine


Teaching French is a passion and a hobby. But, my world would not be complete without my family, my friends, my garden, literature, music, knitting, movies and exercise!!!


Suzanne Murray spent 32 years working at the Earle. It was there that her interest in all things culinarily Italian and French were nurtured. A year in Paris solidified her leanings. Twenty years of teaching high school opened the door to Spanish and she now dwells on the three languages and is obsessed with etymologies. To keep her hands busy, she and her partner bake and sell baguettes, brioche and madeleines.


French teacher of French who love to share with others cultural topics from the francophone world.


Bonnie joined the Peace Corps and went to Burkina Faso in West Africa, taking her music along for company. She is back earlier than planned and wants to continue her French studies and singing too.

Bonnie's guest


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Mijo Pappas
over 5 years ago

Brigitte, quelle soirée merveilleuse! Tu es une prof fantastique et tu sais si bien faire tes démonstrations de cuisine. C'est fascinant pour moi. Et puis j'admire ta mise en place. Chaque plateau minutieusement préparé contient exactement ce qu'il faut pour une recette précise. Ta tarte Tatin était aussi délicieuse que spectaculaire. J'ai tout appris. Au nom de Hourschool je te remercie de tout mon coeur. En plus, l'ambiance était si sympa. C'est un plaisir que de faire la connaissance de participants tous plus motivés les uns que les autres. Bon voyage! A bientôt.

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