Street Team ATX Meetup

The rumor is true - we bought a school bus.

We have some grand plans for the Spring and would love to share them with our street team.

So we're putting on a BBQ Bus Party! Come take a sneak peak at the HourSchoolBus, which is parked in front of our new HourSchool HQ.

Bring yourself, and everyone you know. Please RSVP so we know how much food/drinks to plan for. Hope to see y'all there!


I'm on a mission to build a school from our community.


I'm part of the HourSchool team! I love composing Ruby code, eating tacos, learning new things, and sharing what I know with others.


Writer, performer, cook, and best friend.


Think. Make. Share. Rinse. Repeat. I want to affect change locally, and see the world through your lens.


Learning is my hobby.


Hi! I'm Chris, I'm an Austin native, and I love to learn.


I like bikes.


Steve's experience in the Dot.Com Bubble and the Peace Corps led to the dream job working for Whole Planet Foundation. Learned by doing with the microfinance pioneers, Grameen launching greenfield institutions in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Today oversees a global portfolio spanning 50+ countries for the world's leading foundation (funded by a grocery store).


World traveler (when I can afford it). Photographer (on the weekends). Marketing & Product Lead @MainStreetHub (by day). Video game button masher (by night).


I like it.


A minor league sewing and electronics geek, hoping to learn more about urban agriculture.


I'm a software developer, designer, filmmaker, and a few other things. :) \ I'm generally interested in how the Internet will shift cultural attitudes toward the educational process, and what role open courseware and initiatives like HourSchool will have in tearing down the factory school debacle. (The sooner, the better!)


I am a game developer in Austin, TX. I can teach Unity 3D, game development, and programming. I'd like to learn things outside of programming that help me make better games: visual design, story telling, usability, etc.


I'm an adventurer and explorer, a climber, a lover of food and cooking for friends, a vegetable gardener and an interaction designer at frog!


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Aadil khan
4 months ago

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5 months ago


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9 months ago

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