Real Good Food Swap

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Food Swaps are sweeping the nation. Join us with some individual portions food you have made or grown and swap for all types of other exciting food your fellow swappers have made. For more on swaps check out

Our past swaps have seen all kinds of great stuff: backyard eggs, tarragon, oregano, thyme, arugula, tomato seedlings and all types of great food from classic peanut butter cookies to homemade coffee liqueur, roasted red pepper tapanade, Moroccan pumpkin stew and so much more. What will you walk away with?

(If you are bring perishable items, or might pick some up, please bring your own cooler for safe storage!)


DEVIN McINTIRE: Devin McIntire wishes he were a chef at a restaurant that's open only when he feels like it where he could cook whatever inspired him no matter how long it takes. Instead he has a lot of dinner parties. As only one marvelous home cook among millions, Devin founded Real Good Food to expand the amount of delicious homemade available in every community by connecting neighbors, friends and co-workers who enjoy food as much as he does.


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19 days ago

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