Planter Box Building

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Join Annie Welbes, edible landscaper of Subsist to Resist, in this do-it-yourself planter building workshop!

Each participant will be constructing their very own planter box using the provided tools and reclaimed wood. Once the boxes are constructed, everyone will have a variety of culinary herbs to choose from to adorn their newly built planter box.

The provided wood will be pre-cut and pre-stained. You will do the assembling with a nifty nail gun. The final product will measure 1' wide x 2' long x 1' deep.

No tool or planting experience is necessary. Come to have fun and make something beautiful (and delicious).

Thank you to Reclaimed Space for providing the reclaimed wood and to Tillery Park for hosting us. Learn more about them here: |

* A percentage of this workshop's proceeds will go towards supporting our programs with Saint Louise House & American Widow Project. To learn more about these partnerships, visit here:


Annie Welbes is a certified Permaculture designer. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science and Appropriate Technology from Humboldt State University, in addition to many years experience as a farmer and gardener. While living in California she worked on a small organic CSA and market farm, a commercial organic lettuce farm, as well as doing her own urban edible landscape design, & installation. In Austin, she started Subsist to Resist where she offers an alternative to typical landscaping in Austin. She specializes in integrating edibles into the landscape to create delectable outdoor rooms, culinary and medicinal herb gardens, urban orchards, and year-round vegetable gardens.


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Russell Rupert
4 months ago

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