Perspective Drawing from Everyday Life

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Everyday life can be hectic. We often struggle to find time to sit and reflect on the world that situates us daily. Drawing by hand is one way for us to reconnect with the here and now - at least for a short while. However, drawing is often not taught as a life skill and frequently relegated to professional artists. Unlike writing, drawing from life is rarely considered a reflective practice. This class explores a small part of the art and science of drawing in a hands-on setting to make a case for perspective drawing from everyday life as a life skill.

To introduce the idea that drawing can be a reflective practice, participants will hear a brief introduction about drawing in general and perspective drawing in particular. Together we will work on two drawings that apply some of the principles of perspective drawing in order to represent two scenes at the festival. Participants will walk away with knowledge of the rules of one and two point perspective drawing techniques (and a handout just in case), and a drawing from life that they have made (or started) using each drawing technique.


Elizabeth Vandermark is a bricoleur by temperament and an architect by training living in the Northside Area of Ann Arbor. She has been pursuing a PhD in Architecture since September 2008 to explore the many ways that architects connect with people while designing. When she isn't thinking about novel uses for her architectural expertise, she enjoys wading in the natural history of the Huron River.


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