Outdoor & Worm Bin Composting 101

from A2Reskilling


Did you ever have the desire to set up an outdoor compost bin but didn't have enough information or faith in yourself to do it? Do you have a compost bin in the backyard that just doesn't seem to be doing much of anything? Come join us at the Washtenaw County Consortium for Solid Waste Management's Master Composter Graduates to ask the questions that you always wanted or to get more information to take back home with you, to conquer your composting fears. Composting is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Worm bin composting too!


Lisa Perschke works at Recycle Ann Arbor as a Recycling Program Specialist where she has worked since November 2007. She is a currently certified Advance Master Gardener through the Michigan State University Extension Program. She is also a recent graduate (Advance Master Composter) of S.E. Oakland County’s Master Composting Program. Lisa annually volunteer teaches for the Washtenaw County Consortium for Solid Waste Management (WCCSWM) Master Composter Program that is offered through the Ann Arbor Public School’s Recreation & Education Department. Lisa enjoys teaching others about the benefits of utilizing organic compost and would like everyone to know composting is easy to make in their backyard.


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