Organic Gardening Workshop

We will be covering some basics of gardening in Austin - soil, plant varieties, irrigation, etc.

We will also discuss some more advanced topics such as companion planting and seed starting.

Anchor Urban Farms is a small distributed urban farm, so this location is part of an actual working farm. We'll spend time looking at the crops we've planted, and discuss the decisions we've made, and we'll spend some time in our greenhouse possibly with some hands-on demos of soil-blocking and seed starting.


I've been gardening for a few years and began a CSA with Mark Pearson who will be co-leading the workshop


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about 1 month ago

Glad to finally found Organic Gardening Workshop, I have been working on how to get rid of dandelion weeds and the amount of information you guys have got in here has made it easier for me to have an organic garden, Keep sharing more information

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