Meeting Facilitation for Collaborative Groups

from A2Reskilling


As Starhawk says in The Empowerment Manual, "Meetings can be cauldrons of group creativity or occasions of intimate sharing. And, of course, they can also be long-winded, fruitless, pointless arenas of frustration. The difference is often what makes or breaks a group." Participants in this session will come away with resources to help develop their skills in leading and/or participating in productive and creative meetings, including setting an agenda, dealing with interpersonal dynamics, and selecting appropriate processes for decision-making.


Jeanne Mackey is a lifelong community-builder, musician, and change-maker who has spent many, many hours in meetings with other change-makers! She was on the organizing team of the first Ann Arbor ReSkilling Festival and has presented at every festival since then. Jeanne is passionate about "heart and soul" skills--changing the ways we communicate and make meaning together.


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