Meditate to Regenerate

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Gaining a connection with our inner self & a committed community of practice are essential to developing a successful personal meditation practice. You will (a) experience meditation (b) get access to free resources to meditate on your own and (c) get familiar with the Michigan Meditation Meetup, a local community of practice. Learn to identify strategies to deal with stress in daily life. Learn to meditate at home. Know how to access relevant (and free) online resources. Become aware of local community of practice for support.


Vic uses his background in cognitive ergonomics to design online learning at the University of Michigan. He conducts work-place stress management workshops as well as meditation courses. Vic is certified through the Center for Evolutionary Learning, a European human resources organization working in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. He is passionate about learning and human performance in all its aspects. Vic, his wife Gisela and a small group a like-minded teachers facilitate a community of practitioners in SE Michigan and Windsor. Vic resides in Ann Arbor with his wife, Gisela, and one year old son Gabriel Prasann. He can be reached at


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