Making indoor boomerangs for classrooms

This class is especially meant for teachers and leaders of youth groups, schools, science centers, scouts, etc...Everyone will learn how to cut and assemble cardboard into working boomerangs that can be thrown in a classroom or indoors. Also, leaders /teachers will learn to twist and bend the cardboard for optimal flight and then, decorate the boomerangs. This instructor has taught this class more than fifty times in the past ten years to students from age groups k-12. An explanation of the science as to why boomerangs return will also be given, a great help for classroom instruction.


I have fourty years experience making and throwing boomerangs. I am an engineer who understands the physics as to why boomerangs return. Finally, I have ten years experience teaching children k-12 in schools and science centers on how to do this.


I'm a lover of literature and actively campaign for BOOKS.


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9 months ago

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10 months ago

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