Le Mont Saint Michel by Sandy Schopbach

from French in Ann Arbor


Mont Saint Michel is magic. It speaks to me as much through its stones, through its ever-changing light and tides, as through its faith.
Everything about it is improbable: its location, its creation, its longevity... Hard to imagine how many feet have climbed its steps. And how anyone built such vertiginously vertical walls on sheer rock passes comprehension. Yet it has stood here - in some form or another - for 1,300 years.
Each time I see it, Le Mont is different, but always beautiful. In the soft light of dawn, or floating in the mist, or standing out boldly against the night sky.
Tiny Mont Saint Michel has hidden corners tourists never see if they only spiral up the central street, like salmon headed upstream. They miss the houses looking out over the Bay, the storm-worn cross of the tiny graveyard, the rocky outcrops and wooden roofs graced by seagulls at rest or in flight.
These photos are of my Mont Saint Michel, a corner of my heart... the island, the town and the Abbey.


Sandy Schopbach leads a double life. Half of it in France, where she has worked as a translator, interpreter, tour guide and freelance journalist. The other half in the States, where she works as a court interpreter and also managed the Bird of Paradise jazz club here in Ann Arbor for a number of years. She has written five children’s books about Miles and Einstein, the cats who shared an apartment in Paris with her and her children. Schopbach’s photography of France has been in several exhibits, and some is included in her photo book, Paris in Quotes. She is currently working on a second photo book on France and on a book about buying her home in Paris. Her website can be found at www.sandyschopbach.com She also writes a blog on aspects of living in France: cultural events, art exhibits, travel, everyday life, shops and people in her neighborhood, plus a new seasonal recipe every month: www.sandyschopbach.blogspot.com.


Teaching French is a passion and a hobby. But, my world would not be complete without my family, my friends, my garden, literature, music, knitting, movies and exercise!!!

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Brigitte Romero
about 5 years ago

This is a beautiful exhibit. Not only some of the pictures reminded me of Mont St Michel's beauty, but through some of these pictures I could feel its soul, just when I was there many years ago.

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