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In this Intro to Landscape Design workshop, each participant will become equipped with the tools and techniques to tackle their very own landscape design project!

The workshop will begin with an overview of basic landscape design & building practices (i.e., composition, drafting, and square footage calculations). From there, each participant will have the opportunity to discuss their own landscape challenges in a group discussion lead by the instructor. Then, using tracing paper, colored pencils, and a photo of your landscape, the instructor will guide everyone through a design and drafting activity that pertains to your specific project.

After the activity, the knowledgable TreeHouse staff will give participants a tour of their plant department and answer any of your plant specific questions.

Note: if you'd like to discuss your specific project with the instructor and group at large, please bring in a colored photograph of your current landscape challenge. All other materials will be provided.

* A percentage of this workshop's proceeds will go towards supporting our Women Build Austin program. To learn more about this partnership, visit here:


Melissa Henao-Robledo is a landscape designer with Pi Architects in Austin, Texas. She graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture degree, from North Carolina State University's College of Design. As a past Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship recipient, Melissa studied landscape architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago, Chile. Her Rotary volunteer work included interning at the planning department for the Municipality of Vitacura, where she designed a "skateboarder friendly" interactive pedestrian promenade park. Melissa has called Austin, TX home for several years and as an avid traveler, she has visited and lived in several cities throughout the United States, Europe and South America. This unique exposure to various landscapes throughout the world contributes to the creative design approach and vision applied to each project.


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Cameron Wearing
7 months ago

While being the part of this design workshop I was able to know about many new things that are interesting to me. It is something which is attached to the landscape projects upon which I am working.
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9 months ago

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