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What does it take to eat better food more often with less time and money?

Answer: A little help from your friends and a good repertoire of kitchen skills.

Join us and learn kitchen tricks and tips from pro chefs and members of Ann Arbor’s Real Good Food. We’ll discuss proper food storage, time-saving methods for prepping and cooking and how to stock your kitchen for maximum flavor and convenience.

We’ll then tie it all together with an introduction to Real Good Food, a food sharing exchange in Ann Arbor. No matter how efficient and skilled we become, there are always times where we can’t or don’t want to cook.


DEVIN McINTIRE: Devin McIntire wishes he was a chef at a restaurant thats open only when he feels like it where he could cook whatever inspired him no matter how long it takes. Instead he has a lot of dinner parties. As only one marvelous home cook among millions, Devin founded Real Good Food to expand the amount of delicious homemade available in every community by connecting neighbors, friends and co-workers who enjoy food as much as he does.


I'm a world traveler, ESL tutor, animal lover, environmentalist, etc. I like to meet new folks and need to continue practicing my French skills.


I work as an environmental educator/filmmaker. In my spare time I am interested in learning--anything and everything, but especially nature and environment related stuff.


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Audrey Blackall
7 months ago

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