iPhoneography Essentials

This is the first-ever iPhoneography HourSchool class! The idea behind this class is for you to learn basic tips and tricks that will help you take better, more eye-catching photos using nothing but your iPhone.

This class will focus primarily on how to take better photos using the camera application on your iPhone. This will help you frame, focus and take better photos before you use any third-party application to enhance them.

After learning some basic iPhone photo-taking skills, you will learn how to use a couple applications to quickly and easily enhance your images. These will likely find a place in your iPhone home screen and you will not share a photo without putting it through some of this first.

Finally you will learn about sharing tools available to you right from your iPhone (e.g. Instagram, Flickr, EyeEm) and how you can start effectively sharing and showcasing your beautified, enhanced images with the world.

The only thing you'll need to take part of this class is..... an iPhone!

[In time, the "iPhoneography Plus" class will focus more deeply on turning your iPhone photos into digital works of art" in the way only iOS apps can allow you to. You will learn how to use and combine a number of different iOS photo apps to create beautiful compositions, explore and share your own iPhoneographic style.]


My name is Diego Pulido. I'm an Interaction Designer from Colombia working at Dell in Austin, TX. Whether I'm traveling, going out for a night around town or simply wondering the streets of this beautiful city, I always capturing the world around me with my iPhone. I love photography, but in the past couple of years, the iPhone (and the myriad of photography iOS apps available for it) have opened a new world of creativity and opportunities I have never seen before. The iPhone as a camera is incredibly powerful, and now I want to share just how much with other people passionate about photography (and the iPhone, of course!) Check out some of my latest iPhone photos on my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/diego For more information on who I am, what I do and what I like, please visit diegopulido.com


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20 days ago

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Angelina Macaulay
3 months ago

In this modern age we can click best photos by using cameras in smart phones. Though edubirdie liked iphone camera that is best for photos. People can simply take photos of different moments and can safe photos as well.

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