Intro to Interior Design

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Decorators, home owners, and aspiring interior designers will all gain a lot from this workshop, which will introduce the fundamental elements and principles of interior design. You'll work with concepts and methods for defining and organizing space and form in the interior environment. The class will introduce techniques and conventions used for effective visual communication in design.

Bring in examples of your space's design problems as well as possible solutions for the class to examine.

You'll walk away with insight into the design industry and leave with handouts to guide you through designing your own space!

No design experience necessary. Come to have fun and learn something new.

* a percentage of this workshop's proceeds will go towards funding our Interior Design workshop with Saint Louise House: an organization that provides affordable housing to formerly homeless single moms and their children. To learn more about our partnership with Saint Louise House, visit here:


Principal Designer, Sara Cukerbaum, received her B.A. from New York University. She later returned to study interior design at The Harrington Institute of Design in Chicago. After graduating, Sara worked as a designer at several high-end residential firms in Chicago, New York, and Dallas, where she worked on a variety of published projects. She then returned to her home state of Texas where she founded SLIC Interiors in Austin. In addition to her professional experience, Sara has had the good fortune to travel all over the world. This exposure shaped her aesthetic and refined her understanding of the different ways in which people live in their homes. Sara’s aesthetic is based on a real appreciation for the way a person’s environment can shape their lifestyle. The company’s line of furniture, lighting and decor emphasize a natural take on modernity. Bringing together the best of vendors from around the country, our inventory offers trend setting items to Austin residents.


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