Hot Glass Sculpting

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Did you know that you can cut molten glass with metal shears? This one-of-a-kind hot glass sculpting class provides an experience with a new medium... HOT MOLTEN GLASS! Glass from the furnace begins at 2,200 degrees. From the moment glass leaves the furnace it begins to cool. We can use this cooling to aid in glass sculpting as each cut from the shears will impart texture and depth to the surface of the molten glass.

East Side Glass Studio instructors will gather molten glass on the end of a rod and will assist in turning the molten mass at a work bench where you will snip, snip, snip your way to a unique glass sculpture. Using glass hand tools as scissors to cut and shape the glass, no two will be alike!

After each piece is sculpted, the glass sculptures will be placed in an oven for about 8 hours to slowly cool at a controlled rate.

Your lovely glass objects will be available for pick up Tues. - Sat. from 11 - 6pm at East Side Glass Studio.

*ESGS are neighbors with Hops & Grain Brewery, so come on over before 2 pm to enjoy some awesome beer in their tasting room!


Leigh Taylor Wyatt and Shara Funari are the owners of East Side Glass Studio, located at the end of East Sixth Street in the thriving east side art scene. The studio is open to the public with opportunities for community involvement and education. ESGS will provide a safe and professional environment for artists and individuals to utilize the medium of hot glass. Live demos, Blow Your Own Ornaments and Hot Glass Cold Beer are just a few events they will be offering.


Kristen Von Minden (Dartmouth ‘02 / Harvard Graduate School of Design ‘09) and Eve Trester-Wilson (UT Austin ‘03 / ‘04) are two friends trained as architects with a passion for making–but are also fierce knitters, furniture fanatics, card makers, DIY enthusiasts, craft lovers, etsy shoppers, apartment therapy blog subscribers, artists, potters, welders, metal sculptors, graphics geeks, calligraphers, independent inventors and avid tinkerers with an interest in community and supporting local business. Together Eve and Kristen founded and operate MAKEatx: a member-based workshop where Austinites can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively.


I'm Whitney. I'm from Dallas and I work in Finance. Boring. I'm also on the Board of Women.Design.Build. Not boring! We're an organization in ATX that empowers women through design and construction activities in the community. Want to know how to use a nail gun, change a flat tire, make a cutting board, construct a planter box, design a cardboard light fixture, brew beer, build a deck, blow glass, fix a bike? Ask me because I know how to do all of these things and I learned through Women.Design.Build.


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