Green Options: Buying Tips

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Whether you rent, or own a home; whether you are considering a kitchen remodel, or a just a new lightbulb: the myriad of choices available for saving energy and resources can be overwhelming, and there are no "right" answers. There's a lot to consider when building a LEED platinum home and choosing lighting, landscaping, plumbing fixtures, appliances, flooring, finishes, etc. We'll share the tips and guidelines that we found helpful along the way during our project. For example, we used a lot of salvaged materials--with unequal success--so sharing our experiences might help others. We'll give you lists of where we got stuff, and show samples. Perhaps you have had similar 'learning curve journeys' that we can learn from--come with your experiences to share!


Why are the "green options" for our homes so important? In the United States, buildings account for about two-thirds of our electricity consumption, and about a third of our greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials use, and waste output. Our houses are a major part of both the problem, and the solution! Barbara Lucas is an environmental media consultant, working in radio, TV and video to spread the word about environmental issues. She is the owner of In-Site Video, LLC.


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