Goal driven learning

Hi, we're Ruby and Alex, the co-founders of HourSchool, and we will be leading a discussion on goal driven learning. We are currently working towards implementing several goal-oriented ( or as they're sometimes called 'project based') platforms for learning and we're interested in sharing those experiences with you all.

This session will be an informal fireside chat, so we're also looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences with goal driven or project based learning.


Ruby and Alex are the co-founders of HourSchool and are actively working to implement multiple forms of goal driven education platforms in local communities.


Steve's experience in the Dot.Com Bubble and the Peace Corps led to the dream job working for Whole Planet Foundation. Learned by doing with the microfinance pioneers, Grameen launching greenfield institutions in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Today oversees a global portfolio spanning 50+ countries for the world's leading foundation (funded by a grocery store).



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about 1 month ago

Thank you hours school for sharing this post on Goal driven learning and also about the fake college degrees. This session seem really good and worth reading, hoping to get more insights on this lately though.

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about 1 month ago

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