Find Customers With Google AdWords

One of the most challenging aspects of any business is customer acquisition. Pay-per-click marketing is magical because you can target people searching *exactly* for what you're offering.

Online tutorials and how-to guides on Google AdWords focus on the wrong things: keyword research and "tricks" to getting cheap traffic.

Instead, we're going to start with the core principles of how pay-per-click marketing works. Then, together we'll build an actual campaign using an attendee's business. Lastly, I'll walk through an account I manage to show those principles in action.

This class is suitable for beginners as well as those who want to improve their knowledge on existing campaigns they've created.

I'll be running this class almost entirely offline using a whiteboard, so a good ol' fashioned pen & paper will work just fine. But if you have an AdWords search campaign going already, or are interested in creating one, be ready with a laptop and we will sign in and do critiques in class.


I was an AdWords consultant for three years. I currently run two real estate related Internet companies (Real HQ and PaperlessPipeline) and between the two I spend over $15k per month on AdWords...


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