Film français dans le cadre de Cinétopia

from French in Ann Arbor


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High-strung mailman Ruben (Nicolas Maury) seems like a gefilte fish out of water, a Parisian-Jewish transplant to the clean air and pristine living – and saunas! – of Finland. But as he skips happily through his daily delivery rounds to snow-covered candy-colored cottages, snuggling with his hunky blond boyfriend Teemu by night, it’s clear that Finland is Ruben’s Nordic paradise. One day though, he’s left holding an undeliverable package stuffed with cash, and he and Teemu get into a lover’s quarrel over what to do with it. Ruben sadly returns to Paris, to the smothering embrace of his kooky mama (Almodovar diva Carmen Maura), his embarrassingly randy papa (Truffaut regular Jean-François Stévenin), and the rest of his conservative family. As everyone gets ready for a most unorthodox Passover, hysteria ensues. A kitschy, cross-cultural, thoroughly un-P.C. delight, Let My People Go! feels like a Gallic version of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.


Quand il y a un film français ou francophone, j'y cours. Courez avec moi! Attention le film est à 7:45 pm. Vous payez à la caisse, naturellement.


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10 days ago

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Laurie Gendron
over 7 years ago

est-ce qu'il ya un coute pour ce?

Mijo Pappas
over 7 years ago

Oui, il faut payer sa place au cinéma. Ce film passe dans le contexte de Cinétopia, un des nombreux festivals de cinéma à Ann Arbor. Un billet va coûter entre $9.00 et $12.00. Mais je ne fais aucune transaction financière dans ce contexte. Chaque participant prend son billet à la caisse. Si tu as d'autres questions, je suis là.

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