Fiction Writing

Whether you've written a novel or screenplay, or you're interested in creative writing, you may find this class on story and plot structure helpful. Your story will get individual attention.

Teacher: Abby Goldsmith is an alumni of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, and her stories and articles have appeared in Escape Pod, Fantasy Magazine, and other publications.


Video game artist by day, science fiction writer by night.


I'm a software developer, designer, filmmaker, and a few other things. :) \ I'm generally interested in how the Internet will shift cultural attitudes toward the educational process, and what role open courseware and initiatives like HourSchool will have in tearing down the factory school debacle. (The sooner, the better!)


I would like to write childrens book.


I am a game developer in Austin, TX. I can teach Unity 3D, game development, and programming. I'd like to learn things outside of programming that help me make better games: visual design, story telling, usability, etc.


Writer, performer, cook, and best friend.


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4 months ago

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