Hi all,
For everyone interested in this group, I'd like to have a kick-off event for us to meet each other.
It will be a relaxed meeting and we can talk about some of our fears and how we plan to face them. If anyone is too nervous to face a fear, we can support and help them along the way.

I understand this is a difficult sounding challenge, but I imagine we can help each other through the 30 days. I also believe that this could be an extremely rewarding experience, and that starting this group will bring like-minded individuals together who want to challenge themselves!


I'm Jack. I'm 23 years old and am a pretty 'normal' guy for the most part. However, I tend to enjoy doing things out of the ordinary, thinking outside of the box and making the most of each day


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4 months ago

I don't want to go back to the house where I was verbally threatened with my life yesterday. but my puppy is there. I arrived in this country Brazil and am living with relatives. I trust few people, so I dont know what to do. Contacting others and leaving the house is probably why they intimidated me in the first place, Can somebody help? I feel like I am i danger as I spend the day drifting along, and worried about my puppy. I dont think it is my fault... I havent contacted police yet, I don't know what to do I trust no one... assignment help service

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