DIY Car Oil and Filter Change

I'll teach you that changing your own oil can save you money, time, and bring you the enjoyment and satisfaction of 'Doing it Yourself'!

Here's what I'll cover:
- Types of oil
- Draining oil
- Replacing the oil filter
- Filling up oil
- Oil disposal
- Basic Safety precautions

If enough time, I can throw in some bonus topics!
- Changing your air filter
- Keeping your tires properly inflated
- Others TBA

* Working under the hood can sometimes get a bit messy. Please come in attire that you don't mind possibly getting oily and greasy!


I worked as a mechanic for about 2 years before I went to college and I regularly change my own oil.


Hardworking 26-year-old wasting away his glory years on the Internet. I founded Real HQ & run


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5 days ago

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