DIY Bike Wheel Building

Building wheels is my favorite part of working on bikes. In this class, I will teach you about all the different options you have when building wheels- hubs, rims, spokes, and lacing patterns. I will demonstrate how to lace a wheel and properly tension it.

Building wheels is a lot of fun and anyone is welcome to sign up for this class, but this is an advanced bike maintenance skill. I recommend that you have experience truing wheels before you try to build you own set. There are some very expensive and specialized tools needed to do it properly.

I will be building one of my own wheels in this class. I can also help you select parts and determine the spoke length needed to build your own wheels. If anyone is interested, I could do a follow up class in the future where I help you build your own wheels.


I love working on bikes, and I've been doing it for more than 14 years. I have built a bunch of wheels over the last few years, and I currently ride on two sets that I've built myself.


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fatima khan
about 1 month ago

Building wheels is a great deal of fun and anybody is welcome to agree to accept this class, yet this is a propelled bicycle upkeep ability. I suggest that you have encounter truing wheels before you attempt to assemble you claim set. However, I need essay service in australia and i think people who love bike must love this article as well.

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