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It’s almost summertime! So let's have a bar-b-q! But wouldn’t your grill look awesome on a new deck...and wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you built it yourself? Join us for our Deck Building 101 workshop where the instructor, skilled handywoman and carpenter, Eden Davis will discuss everything you need to know to simply design, frame, and build your own deck. Prior to the workshop, Eden will have already built the foundation piers, so come workshop day, you’ll get to lay the frame and install the decking surface with the provided tools and materials! No previous design or building experience necessary.

You’ll also receive:

+A nifty little starter kit including a speed square and tinted safety glasses.
+Curriculum overview and deck design packet so you can begin your deck project at home.
+Torchy’s Tacos for lunch!

This class will take place outside so please dress appropriately (i.e., sneakers, comfortable clothing, hat, sunscreen, etc).

* Your safety is our priority. Before we begin the project, we will thoroughly discuss how to safely operate the tools so you will feel as comfortable and confident as possible.


Eden got her start in construction early; starting with sand castle homes for worms in her sandbox and building beds from scrap wood for her Cabbage Patch dolls. She received her first power tool as a high school graduation gift and went off to college to study architectural history and theories in green building. After graduating college she got her first job in construction; managing warranty repairs on new homes. At the same time she bought her first house, which is where her passions for building and remodeling blossomed. Since then, she has managed construction of new homes for a major builder and ran her own renovation business. She is currently renovating her fifth house, a duplex in Barton Hills, and looking forward to when her infant daughter is old enough to collaborate with her on a multi-level, LEED certified treehouse. Her core philosophy, when approaching new challenges, is "I probably can't break it so bad that I can't figure out a way to fix it."


Co-founder @HourSchool. Alumni @ac4d. Holler @rubyku!


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about 1 year ago

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