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There are about a zillion things made with cardboard. From moving boxes and cereal boxes to pretend spaceships and architectural models. The possibilities are endless. So why stop at lighting? Artist Agustina Rodriguez was so inspired by this mundane material that she went ahead and started her own lighting company called Agi Miagi. In her line of cardboard fixtures, Agustina “brings new life to the ordinary materials from which they’re made.” They are clean and simple forms crafted cleverly, all while incorporating a material that we use daily. The tool she uses to build these wonderful, light emitting sculptures? A computer and a laser cutter.

In this Custom Made Lantern workshop, Agustina will share her craft by teaching participants how to design and build their very own cardboard lantern.

Agustina will first walk participants through the process of designing their desired lantern shape. We’ll then work to digitize each participant's shape by drawing it on the computer. Next, the computer will talk to the laser cutter, telling it to cut the shape into the corrugated cardboard. Once the shapes are cut, participants will assemble their lanterns with the provided materials. Then, voila! A beautiful custom made lantern is complete!

All materials are included in the price of this workshop (including: cardboard, lightbulb, and fixture).

This workshop is for designers and non-designers alike. No previous tool or computer skills are required.

Come to have fun and make something beautiful.


Agustina Rodriguez is the founder of Agi Miagi and has a background in art and architecture. She co-founded BBIITT in 2009. BBIITT is a partner business that dedicates itself to providing design and production services using digital fabrication technologies.


I'm Whitney. I'm from Dallas and I work in Finance. Boring. I'm also on the Board of Women.Design.Build. Not boring! We're an organization in ATX that empowers women through design and construction activities in the community. Want to know how to use a nail gun, change a flat tire, make a cutting board, construct a planter box, design a cardboard light fixture, brew beer, build a deck, blow glass, fix a bike? Ask me because I know how to do all of these things and I learned through Women.Design.Build.


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