Collaboration, Education, & Design Thinking at Center61

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Come join us at Center61, as we discuss the future of the co-working space through the lens of design thinking.

During this 2-hour session, we will introduce Center61 members to the concepts of design thinking and brainstorm ways to maximize our collaborative efforts. We will also discuss additional educational/professional development opportunities for Center61 members and the new web platform created by HourSchool.

This session is open to Center61 members and those interested in being more involved with the space. Beer & pizza will be provided.

For an introduction to design thinking, visit


is passionate about engaging multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex social issues around the world.


co-founder of Spoak, stories across generations


costa rican designer with a passion for books, visual communication, technology and interaction, including understanding different social, cultural, economic and geographic contexts around the world. ...Also a busy-holic, coffee lover and a very happy person


Steve's experience in the Dot.Com Bubble and the Peace Corps led to the dream job working for Whole Planet Foundation. Learned by doing with the microfinance pioneers, Grameen launching greenfield institutions in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Today oversees a global portfolio spanning 50+ countries for the world's leading foundation (funded by a grocery store).


Christina Tran is a designer, a teacher, and a storyteller. Let's share a meal together and play.


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