Classic Cocktails

What makes pre-prohibition era cocktails so special, how to make them yourself, and the tools you'll need to do it. I have some great recipes to share, and some tricks that will make you picky next time you try to find one of these at a bar. Disclaimer - Prepare to not want to go out on the weekend, because you can make better drinks at home! It's totally illegal for me to serve you guys the drinks, but no worries! I'll provide cheat sheets of all the recipes and techniques that we cover so you can try them out at home. I'll give you options to choose from, depending on your interest level, experience, and budget. Cognizant to the fact that you've probably never tried these drinks before, you're going to want to experiment a little at home and learn what you like before throwing all your chips in to expanding your home bar. I'll walk you through this whole experience and more, so you can head home ready to impress your friends with your pre-prohibition era drink-mixin' skillz.


I am a pre-prohibition era cocktail enthusiast. Getting your own bar set up so you can make these drinks at home can be a little daunting at first, especially if you're a total cheapskate like me. There isn't exactly a how-to guide out there, so I'm super excited to share my experience with other folks who find this stuff interesting. What started as a borderline-obsession with tracking down the coolest cocktails in town, turned into some handy knowledge about how to grow my hobby and have lots of fun doing it!


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Registered and Licensed Dietitian as well as a former chef.


I'm a proud owner of two vintage BMW motorcycles that I maintain in my garage in Grand Junction Colorado. One of my favorite things to do is take off with my camping gear strapped to my Airhead and travel for days through the mountains and deserts to faraway locations, taking in the country on the way. I've toured solo and with friends extensively through the mountains of Colorado, through California, Canada, Montana and the great American West, to Pennsylvania, Georgia, often to New Mexico and most recently to Texas. Along the way I've learned the secrets of motorcycle maintenance – problem solving on the fly, making things work with limited resources, keeping it light, always learning and having a great time. While in town I participate in wrenching days with my fellow bikers, fabricate custom solutions for my motorcycles and restore my bikes piece by piece. I'm a member of the Airheads Beemer Club and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. I love sharing my experiences and passion for the freedom embodied in motorcycle ownership!


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