Cinetopia: Attila Marcel, 2 showings

from French in Ann Arbor


The other showing is on Saturday, June 7 at 9:45pm at the Michigan theater in the main auditorium.

The first live-action feature film by two-time Oscar nominee Sylvain Chomet (nominated for the animated films The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist), Attila Marcel maintains Chomet’s career-long fascination with the style of Jacques Tati, while diving head first into the highly formalized production designs and story-telling of Wes Anderson. Relaying the fantastical tale of Paul, a 33-year old who has been mute since his parents’ mysterious deaths when he was a child, Attila Marcel features a piano competition, crazy aunts in matching clothes, strange herbal teas that create hallucinatory flashbacks, lots of wrestling, the tango, amateur taxidermy, and anthropomorphic frogs playing jazz. Variety called this film “Easily the most innocent, family-friendly ode to hallucinogenic drug use since “Puff the Magic Dragon.’” Strongly recommended for fans of the whimsical styling of Amelie.


Enjoy French films this coming week!


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