Ciné-Concert Georges Méliès

from French in Ann Arbor


Georges Méliès revolutionized the cinema with his creativity and ingeniousness. The “magician of Montreuil” was one of the most amazing figures in film history; he was among of the first to use the movie camera to tell a story with staging and sets and invented all sorts of special effects. He made 520 short films from 1896 to 1913, including “transformation views,” advertising films, color extravaganzas, and science fiction. Today, his descendants present a performance in the true family tradition. The ciné-concert presents an exclusive program of films by Georges Méliès, accompanied, as in the 1900s, by a pianist and a narrator: Lawrence Lehérissey, Méliès’ great-great-grandson, and Marie-Hélène Lehérissey, Méliès’s great-granddaughter (and the third generation of narrator-presenters in the family). The ciné-concert Georges Méliès is designed as an homage to this brilliant magician through a narrated performance accompanied by piano; for if the early cinema was silent, it was never quiet!

The narration for these early films will be performed in French and translated into English.

It is made possible by the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, the Department of Comparative Literature, and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan, with the participation of the Alliance française.


I just taught my Seniors at Greenhills about French silent cinema (before starting the speaking one) and talked of course about Louis Lumière and Georges Méliès. It's so exciting to have the event in Ann Arbor.


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Liza John
3 months ago

Stop at the Leisure Exchange Car Park close St. George's Hall and just pay £2 for four hours. Ask at Box Office when you purchase your tickets. help with assignment writing

There is a drop-off and get point in the lay-by outside St. George's Hall on Bridge Street for individuals utilizing wheelchairs or with portability challenges.

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Cat Novak
almost 6 years ago

This was a great event with the great-grand-daughter of the iconic Georges Méliès. I was not expecting so many people - students and teachers from the history of cinema mainly - to this event. It was a pleasure to meet Ovide and Cindy to the event. We are planning to go and see together the film 'La fille du Puisatier' that I posted here and potentially have a discussion in front of a glass of wine...

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