Building a Project Schedule & Risk Management Plan

from Center61


Did you realize that for many organizations the large majority of their resources go towards delivering project initiatives?

As we all work to do more with less there is much to be gained from understanding and applying some basic project management principles and best practices to your project initiatives. In follow up to his well received ‘Project Management Essentials’ workshop at Center61, Tarik Aossey will lead participants in more deeply understanding how to build and manage a Project Schedule and Risk Management Plan, two of the most critical elements of effective project delivery. Including:

• Presentation and participant exercises in eliciting task information, building and managing a Project Schedule.
• Presentation and participant exercises in building and managing a Project Risk Management Plan.


Tarik Aossey (PMP) is a Program Director at Dell, Inc. and a Master Project Manager with over 20 years of experience across diverse industries and organizations, large and small, for- and non-profit. He is the founder of 24902 Miles for Good and co-founder of


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4 months ago

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