Build/remodel with Salvaged Materials

On Saturday, March 31st from 1 to 3 pm we will tour two neighboring house projects to see the many different salvaged materials used in their construction, from redwood porch floors to bowling alley countertops. One of the projects is a remodel by owner, the other a new home construction (pending LEED Platinum certification), by Meadowlark Builders.

• The owners will discuss the sources for their reclaimed materials, and the pros and cons of using them.
• Joe from Meadowlark Builders will show highlights of their other projects utilizing salvaged materials.
• “Sawmill John” from John's Urban Timber will be there to discuss his urban wood sawmill which supplied the walnut countertops on the tour.
• Alvin from the Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit will be there to discuss the oak flooring they supplied—salvaged from deconstructed homes in Detroit.
• Someone from BGreenToday will be on hand to answer questions about the natural finishes used.

Please arrive by 12:50. We will divide into small groups, and starting at 1:00 we'll begin rotating through the various stations on the tour, ending at 3:00.

Note: We will have a "Scrap Swap" board where you can post info (i.e. photo, specs, etc.) on salvaged building materials you have to sell/trade, or materials you are hoping to find. One person's trash is another's treasure!



The Lucas and Fraleigh families are neighbors--our credentials are that we've both gone through major construction projects, and lived to tell about it! John Haling is the owner of "John's Urban Timber" and knows everything there is to know about urban wood. Meadowlark Builders is a full-service design/build firm with over 18 years of experience. The Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit is a non-profit organization founded to keep building materials out of landfills.


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