Blend & Brew Your Own Coffee

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between light roast, medium roast, and extremely dark roast coffee? Are you curious about the art of blending & brewing your own coffee? If so, then join us for an exploration into the aromatic world of coffee with Ron & Jessica of Texas Coffee Traders!

To start the morning off right, we'll taste coffee from three different roasts and regions. Throughout the tasting, Ron & Jessica will explain where each coffee originated and the process of how it's roasted. Once you feel knowledgeable on each coffee's flavor profile, you'll create your own custom blend of coffee based on your desired taste.

Then, we'll get to brewing your newly blended coffee. To cool us down, we'll learn how to make some delicious iced coffee. While we're brewing, Ron & Jessica will discuss the various grind levels, appropriate portions, and different brewing techniques so you can go home and brew your own awesome cup of coffee.

Each participant will walk away with their own 1 pound bag of custom-blended coffee and a cup of freshly made iced coffee.

Great class for anyone who enjoys a nice cup o' joe!


It all began with a bad cup of coffee.....In 1981, R.C. Beall was sitting in an all night diner near Glacier Park having a cup of the worst coffee and pondering how to make a living in this incredible part of the world. Could roasting and selling a great cup of coffee be the answer? And so, armed with a small home roaster, Montana Coffee Traders was born. Then in 1994, R.C. started Texas Coffee Traders right here in Austin, Texas. It was a natural fit for another Coffee Traders to establish a base back in R.C.'s home state. Austin is eclectic, young, progressive and a cool, college town which loved great coffee!


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