Baudelaire: "Tableaux parisiens"

from French in Ann Arbor


Nous continuons notre étude des poèmes de Baudelaire. Ce soir, nous nous consacrerons au poème "LES PETITES VIEILLES" des tableaux parisiens.

Voici le lien:


I taught French literature at the University of Michigan between 1966 and 1994 and have a very dear memory of initiating my students to the often obscure language of poets of the 19th and 20th century. It was a very rewarding experience for them and also for me. Most people today do not know how to react to texts which seem absurd and yet deal with the most fundamental questions that we ask ourselves. You will hopefully leave this course having overcome your inhibitions in the face of poetry, whether French or not.


Teaching French is a passion and a hobby. But, my world would not be complete without my family, my friends, my garden, literature, music, knitting, movies and exercise!!!


Occitan + Louisiane, New York, Ann Arbor Production/Advertising/Brands/Teach/Rugby/Foot (le vrai)/Tennis/Voitures de Course/Cassoulet/Piperade/Saucisson/Armagnac/Cinéma/BD/Roman Noir


French teacher of French who love to share with others cultural topics from the francophone world.


Je vis a Ann Arbor depuis 20 ans Je suis infirmiere, et aussi travaille comme volontaire dans des organisations pour la paix.


Bonnie joined the Peace Corps and went to Burkina Faso in West Africa, taking her music along for company. She is back earlier than planned and wants to continue her French studies and singing too.


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Beatrice Demar
about 1 month ago

I think I have this book in my library but somehow never got to reading it. Thank you for the reminder!

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Julian A. Moore
2 months ago

Whilst martyrs' times (usually the human dates of martyrdom) had been celebrated on fixed dates from the local solar calendar, the day of Easter was repaired by means of this community Jewish lunisolar calendar.

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