Basic Car Care

Learn how to be self sufficient and handle these simple tasks:
- Change a tire in an emergency
- Change your brake pads
- Be self sufficient

Please bring warm clothes as we will be in my shop which is in a basement.


I've been building and blowing shit up since I could walk. In reference to this class, I built the car that I'll be demonstrating on. You can stalk me or find out more about the things I build by following @johnclarkemills on Twitter.


I am a filmmaker in San Francisco. I am interested in learning more about fixing things — cars, bikes, electronics. I don't know much about that kind of stuff. I am happy to help people learn about filmmaking, and filleting fish — two things I know how to do, to some extent.


I have lived in San Francisco for 8 years after 6 years on the east coast. \ I learned to cook at a very young age though the oral tradition, which is typical of indian cooking. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother, mother and aunts all chime in with their favorite ways of preparing many of the dishes I learned. I also love cooking any type of seafood, with a specialty in shellfish.



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