Aromatherapy for Self-Care & Healing

from Vuka Austin


Essential oils, which can be used singly or in combinations, are potent herbal medicine. Learn how to select specific oils to balance your moods, reduce cravings, pamper yourself, keep in your first-aid kit, freshen up your home and so much more. In this course you will learn about families of scent, notes (low, middle, high), guidelines for blending and basic contraindications. Perfect for massage therapists, parents, or anyone looking to reduce stress and improve health naturally.

Aromatherapy for Self-Care & Healing is part of Vuka's 6-week summer class program.
Class will be held over the following 6 Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Vuka.

Tuesday Aug 6th,
Tuesday Aug 13th
Tuesday Aug 20th
Tuesday Aug 27th
Tuesday Sept 3rd
Tuesday Sept 10th


Lisa Talev is a holistic health practitioner, model and owner of Inspired Wellness, Inc.. As a Certified Health Coach and Massage Therapist, Lisa helps women in their 30s and 40s redesign their lives for optimum health and emotional well-being. Her energy-centered approach is fun, simple, sexy and empowering. Lisa's classes teach you how to love living in your body, pamper yourself on a daily basis, and shift the paradigm from "enjoy now, suffer later" to "enjoy now, inspire others later." Lisa offers individual sessions, wellness programs and classes throughout the Austin area. Her massage therapy practice is located in North-Central Austin.


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6 months ago

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7 months ago

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fatima khan
11 months ago

I think in this course you will find out about groups of fragrance, notes (low, center, high), rules for mixing and essential contraindications. Ideal for rub advisors, guardians, or anybody hoping to decrease pressure and enhance wellbeing normally. However, I want to get canadian edubirdie and it's good for all of us. Thanks for sharing the detail of this course.

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