A New Financial Philosophy for a New Economy

from A2Reskilling


People are changing, and so is our economy -- but is how you look at your finances, your assets, and your liabilities changing? Join us as we explore how the financial advising industry currently operates, why we think it is inadequate for this 'New Economy', and how we're aiming to change it. This is an open format discussion, all your finance related questions are welcome.


ANGELA BARBASH: Angela Barbash is the Founder and CEO of Reconsider, based in Ypsilanti. Angela has been in the finance industry for the last 10 years, and is among the first wave of financial professional activists who are changing the finance industry from the inside out. Reconsider's mission is to attract and engage people passionate about their communities, economics and education who want to support and independent, resilient and sustainable local economy.


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